Cindy Tincher

Auto-Suggestion by Keyword and Color

It's true.
I can't hypnotize anybody unless they want to be hypnotized.
For hypnosis, without the will, there's just no way.

So for all you folks who think only the weak-willed can be hypnotized, you've got it all wrong. The stronger the will, the easier the trance state and the more powerful the trance-formation!

So, you've learned how to relax and enter a trance state, either by progressively relaxing your body, or by utilizing some guided imagery, maybe even by playing some favorite trance-inducing music, or even just reclining in a quiet room with a ticking clock (yep, even that old metronome effect still works!).
That's what we call "autogenic training".

So, how do you give yourself autosuggestions in that state, without having pre-recorded your suggestions and playing them back at just the right moment? It's not like you can just pick up a piece of paper and start reading your suggestions to yourself. (Actually, you could, but there are more effective ways.)

This is where we use Keywords and Colors.

BEFORE you go into trance, write down what you want to accomplish through hypnosis. For instance:

If it's self-confidence, write down other words that relate to it, like self-reliance, self-acceptance and self-assurance. Then write what you see yourself doing with that confidence — such as speaking in public, making a presentation, starting your own business, asking that interesting person you met out on a date, applying for that promotion, acing that interview.

Just a few words here about words like "no" or "not" as in "don't/won't", etc. Avoid them. (Notice I avoided saying, "Don't use them"?) The subconscious mind first has to visualize the action or object, and then nullify it, and sometimes doesn't quite complete that second step in the process. You see the problem. So, instead of saying "don't" or "won't", you could use "avoid". Or, use the word "free". For example, instead of writing "I won't be anxious," you might say, "I'm free of anxiety." Instead of saying "I won't stammer or stutter" you could say, "I'll speak easily and naturally and my words will flow freely and smoothly." Always couch the suggestion in a positive way.

When you are done, think of a word that you will associate with self-confidence. Sure, it can be "self-confidence", but it can also be "confident", "strong", "dazzling" or something off-the-wall but really means something to you. (I've heard "Sha-ZAM!", "uber cool" and "Kick-@%*"). Hey, whatever works. Put that at the top of the page as your Keyword.

Then, assign it a color. What color do you see when you think of that word and all those associations you've assigned it? Green, like money, or like new growth busting out all over in spring? Or maybe purple, like royalty? (Those royals always seem pretty confident!) Or maybe blue, like a calm, clear sky. Yellow, like that solar plexus chakra, pulsing out confident rays that everyone can feel the moment you enter a room?

Now imagine your Keyword, your "Power Word", in that color. I don't know if it will be in neon lights, in colored chalk on a chalkboard, as graffiti on a wall, or even as a work of art.

Now, all you have to do is think of that word and/or that color while you are relaxed. You've already married all those meanings and suggestions to the word, and the word to a color. You've told your mind all these associations = your keyword, your color. A=B. So, all you have to do now is sit back, relax, and meditate on B.

This Keyword/Color Auto-Suggestion process can work for a variety of issues, such as:

Relieving Anxiety

Write down what being free of anxiety means for you.
Is it a feeling of calm, centeredness, peace, stillness?
Slower breathing, slower heart rate? Steady nerves? Clear thinking?
Where are you seeking more calm in your life?
Alone? Or with others? Around family or friends? At work or at home?
What's your Keyword? Peace? Calm? Quiet? Water? Om?
What would be the color?
White, like billowy clouds moving serenely across the sky?
Turquoise, like a still lagoon or quite forest pond?
Lavender, like the fields of Provence?


What are your associations?
Money? A good job? A new car? A home of your own?
Free of feelings of lack or want?
Ability to purchase things free of worry or anxiety about finances?
What's your Keyword? Wealthy? Prosperous? Successful? Abundance? Rich? Moneybags?
What's the color? Is it green as in greenbacks? Or gold? Silver?
If you're an accountant, it may even be black (as "in the black".)

Weight Management

Here's one that is usually fraught with those negative suggestions I warned you about:
"I won't eat this, shouldn't eat that."
Avoid that pitfall! (And, avoid the word "diet". Nobody likes a word that starts with "die".)
Use "food plan" instead — it's much more empowering!
Use positive phrasing such as "attracted to fresh, crisp vegetables" or "drawn to juicy, tantalizing fruits"
or "savor the taste of lightly steamed vegetables".
You can "avoid those excessively sweet, overly rich, greasy, oily, cloyingly sugary or heavy foods"
that only serve to weigh you down.
You can "revel in the new abilities" of your body
with an increased desire to stretch, walk, dance, skip, run, swim, or other fun and enjoyable exercise.
Keep it positive.
What is your Keyword? Trim? Healthy? Slim? Strong? Gorgeous? Perfect 10?
(OK, that's two words. So just make it your Key Number — "10").
What's your color? Pink � as "in the pink"?
Orange? (That's your belly region chakra, and, coincidentally, a very healthy fruit.)
Lemon yellow? Lime green? Rose red?

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