Cindy Tincher

The Seven Chakras Hypno-meditation

Lying down, tense your body.
That's right; grit your teeth, clench your jaw, scowl, squint your eyes shut, wrinkle your brow.
Tighten your arms and clench your fists.
Tighten your stomach and pelvis, make your thighs rigid, tense your knees and calves and curl your toes.
Get tight!

Then —
Relax your forehead and brow.
Smooth the place between your eyes, relax your cheeks and jaws.
Move your tongue, relax your mouth, swallow and relax your throat and neck.
Bring that relaxation into your shoulders, down your arms, forearms.
Uncurl your fingers and let the relaxation flow into your palms and fingertips.
Let the tension drip off your fingertips like muddy water running clear again.
Breathe and relax the chest on the exhale.
Breathe again and relax the stomach and pelvis,
as well as each vertebrae in your back, top to bottom.
Allow your thighs to go limp and heavy,
your knees to relax, and your calves to unwind.
Feel the tension go out your feet and toes,
imagine it as if you were standing on the beach at the water's edge.
The sea washes in, swirls around your ankles, and pulls the tension out as it recedes again.

Now, imagine white light entering the top of your head, your Crown Chakra.
It brings in enlightment, illumination, ancestor wisdom, divine guidance.
Breathe it in, and relax more deeply.

Imagine that light moving down and turning a deep purple in that space between your two eyebrows,
your Brow a beautiful amethyst stone placed there.
Here resides inner sight, intuition, the ability to perceive the Truth of any situation.
Breathe it in, and relax more deeply.

Imagine that light drifting down into your throat, and turning a rich blue.
Would it be cobalt blue? Sapphire blue? Sky blue? Blue lapis?
This Throat Chakra is your voice, your song, the ability to speak your Truth.
Breathe it in, and relax more deeply.

Imagine that light moving down into your chest, into your heart region,
and transforming into a vibrant green.
Would it be jade green, olive green, forest green? Would it be an emerald jewel?
This is your Heart Chakra, the place of Love.
All the love you�ve ever received — and the source of all the love you�ve ever given — resides here.
Imagine it as a lush green garden, always growing, always filled with beauty,
full of gazebos and bowers and benches to enjoy yourself,
or a secret garden into which you can invite others.
Breathe it in, and relax more deeply.

Image the light settling down further, into the center of your being,
into your solar plexus region, and turning to a radiant yellow.
Like a little sun, pulsing with light and warmth.
This Solar Plexus Chakra is the place of your aura, your inner power.
You can hold it close, like holding a little glow-globe in your palm, or you can pulse it and push it out.
In a crowded room, people notice, and are drawn like moths to a candle in the window.
Breathe it in, and relax more deeply.

Allow the light to drop into your pelvic region, and take on an orange glow.
This is your sensual, sexual, passionate Sacral Chakra.
Orange, like a succulent, juicy orange! Orange, like a flaming fire in the hearth on a cold winter night —
lively, warm and inviting.
Breathe it in, and relax more deeply.

And now allow the light to continue on to your tailbone, your Root Chakra, and turn a rich red.
The red of lifeblood, and the bloodlines of family, tribe and clan —
community, nation and world.
The Universal tie that binds. The bloodlines of the ancestors before and of those that will come after you.
Feel that connection.
Breathe it in, and relax more deeply.

Allow the full spectrum of light to pass through you, balancing your entire body and being, and pass into the ground, connecting earth and sky, with you as conduit between.
The power of the earth, the power of the universe around you,
you are a unique and precious vessel that channels such infinite energy.
Breathe it in, begin to feel the energy in your mind, body and soul.
Breathe more deeply, feel it flow into every muscle, every cell, every atom of your being.
On the next deep breath, you will awaken, refreshed, relaxed and re-energized.
Breathe deep, hold for a count of five, release the breath, open your eyes —
awaken, wide awake and feeling great.

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