Cindy Tincher

FAQs about Cindy Tincher's Hypnosis Practice

Hypnotherapy Services

These are some of the areas in which I conduct autogenic training and hypnotherapy:

Services Not Available

Other than nicotine addiction, I am not trained in, nor do I conduct, hypnotherapy for substance abuse issues.

Location of Services

I conduct sessions in my home. While I generally use my upstairs home office for sessions, it is not wheelchair accessible. For my clients with disabilities, I will conduct sessions in my downstairs living area.

I have also conducted sessions in therapistsí offices when new clients have preferred initial sessions in an environment in which they are comfortable, accompanied by a familiar and trusted therapist. While I am always pleased to work with my clients in this manner, you would be responsible for your own counselorís or therapistís fee for their time, as well as a $15 outcall surcharge to my standard fee. Also, since hypnotherapy sessions usually take an hour or longer, you may need to arrange special time accommodations with your therapist.

Initial Consultations

I do not charge for initial phone consultations. Feel free to call me with any questions you may have about hypnosis. This is a great opportunity not only to learn more about hypnosis, but also to find out if you feel comfortable with my personality and my approach enough for us to work together. Likewise, I will determine if you would be a good candidate for hypnotherapy, and if I will need a referral from your therapist, counselor or other health practitioner before we can set up our initial session and begin the work.

Fees for Hypnotherapy Services

Standard fees are as follows:

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