Cindy Tincher

Cindy Tincher: Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis: The Door to the "Inner Mind" Via the "Third Ear"

I practiced hypnotherapy with groups and individuals from 1990 to 2012. While living in San Jose, California, I completed my coursework with the Stillman College of Hypnosis and received my certification through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Glendale, California. In fact, one of my Stillman colleagues, Marsha Craven, is now president of her own A.C.H.E. certified school in Arizona, Healing Arts Connection LLC.

I conducted numerous classes and workshops, and facilitated retreats throughout the Austin area, including some years as an instructor at University of Texas' Informal Classes.

I worked with individuals who wanted to make changes in their lives — changes which can range from living a healthier lifestyle through weight management or smoking cessation, to overcoming mind barriers or fears in their lives that are holding them back from reaching their goals or objectives.

I worked with clients referred from area clinicians and therapists for specific services such as regression therapy, allergies, bruxism (teeth grinding), insomnia, natural childbirth, pain management and other issues.

Here is where you will find frequently asked questions about hypnosis and some of my techniques:

Techniques and Suggestions

Also, this is the place where I share with you some some of my favorite trance-formational techniques and suggestions, many of the same ones I've included in all those workshops and classes I've led over the years. You know, even in the absence of suggestions, if hypnotic trance accomplishes nothing else, it leaves one feeling rested, refreshed, relaxed and re-energized upon returning to a normal state of awareness. So, I hope you enjoy them, use them, and benefit from them.