Cindy Tincher

Three Words

Keywords are a key technique in hypnosis and autogenic training. Three words I enjoy using are: Health, Success and Motivation.

Now, when I think about Health, I think about good health. Really, there is no other kind of health worth putting the tremendous power of the subconscious mind to thinking about!

Think of all the positive associations of good health:

Just imagine your body coming back into Balance, Equilibrium, and Inner Harmony.

Take a minute to feel that balance restored, with respiration that is even and calm, and a heart rate that is calm, steady and at ease. Pulse rate and blood pressure both settle to the lower levels of normal pulse and blood pressure. All your systems function more efficiently like this, eliminating excess fats or waste from the body, keeping cholesterol levels lower, keeping blood sugar levels steady and stable.

In such a state, we are intuitively drawn to natural, life-giving and life-sustaining foods that our bodies need to maintain that state of harmony and balance — crisp, fresh vegetables; delicious, juicy, tantalizing fruits, or lean meats such as poultry or fish, all in their proper portions. In this state we feel light and energetic, no longer weighed down by those old heavy, greasy, overly rich, oily, or excessively sweet or salty foods. We feel compelled to cleanse, purify and rinse our bodies by drinking fresh water throughout the day.

We enjoy the capabilities of our bodies more, and start to stretch to our untapped potentials by walking, dancing, running, swimming, or moving our bodies and feeling our bodies´┐Ż movement in other ways. Just because good health feels so... well... good!

But, you know, Good Health can also mean:

Now, let's think about Success!

Of course, success can mean wealth in terms of money and material things. But it can also show itself in an attitude of mind that gives happiness regardless of material possessions or circumstances, such as:

Lastly, think on the word Motivation:

Motivation cuts the bindings — you are no longer a puppet of early conditionings. You get to create a new script of your own and move in your own way along a path of your own choosing.

On this page I've already tied a lot of meanings and feelings to these three words. They are now Keywords, keys to unlocking your inner mind's power to create all these things in your conscious awareness.

From the moment we are born, we hear words and learn to associate words with feelings. Now use these three words as tools to produce feelings and results you want in your life, knowing the subconscious mind always does reproduce in our conscious actions, reactions and choices our most dominant thoughts.

So make your dominant thoughts Health, Success and Motivation.

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