Cindy Tincher

Cindy Tincher: Public Relations Recommendations

"Most of us who have written for company publications or newsletters will attest to the fact that the challenge is often in just getting the reader to read. Cindy Tincher has managed that challenge because she appreciates her audience and has a natural ability to interject humor and comfort into her prose — making it both informative and easy for the reader to follow. It has been my pleasure to meet and get to work with Cindy Tincher. I highly recommend her — as a reliable and enthusiastic person and as a great writer."
—Paula Smith, Regional Director, Employee Communications - West Region at Time Warner Cable

"I was most impressed by Cindy's dedication and skill at promoting our many employees' stories at living our values at Time Warner Cable. Her efforts were an indirect support of my efforts to provide culture-focused new employee orientation via e-Learning. We know it is important to provide stories of people doing things right to inspire and help new employees embrace our culture and identify with the stories, and not just new employees. Every month Cindy ensured that the success stories were communicated through our local and national internal media. It was great seeing the breadth of efforts throughout Texas in our interaction with our customers, our communities, and ourselves."
—Jane (Star) Fisher, M.S., CPLP, Curriculum Designer - Central Texas Time Warner Cable

"Cindy is a creative communications leader, bringing unique insights and solid execution to every project. Her attention to detail is unmatched."
—Ryan Kelly, Media Relations Manager - Central Texas Time Warner Cable

"Cindy is amazingly good at building connections with the media space. When we engaged Penman PR, Cindy stepped to the forefront and gave above-and-beyond commitment to make sure our story was heard far and wide. She's a joy to work with, and she anticipates our needs before we even articulate them to her."
—Bill Sherman, managing partner and co-founder, Intulogy LLC

"I am happy to recommend Cindy's work to anyone. She is a wonderful person who has always looked out for our best interests. She has offered creative solutions and has a 'can do' attitude that everyone likes. I would recommend her and her company to any one looking for the best in the PR business. Her company is not the first PR firm we looked at but she surely is the one we want to continue to have a relationship with. You can't go wrong with Cindy and her team."
—Lee Little, CEO, BarZ Adventures, Austin TX

"Cindy's first priority was to understand the needs of my organization. She focused on what was important and attained results in placing public relations pieces and coverage in creative ways."
—Beto Pallares, Executive Director, Trans Pecos/El Paso Regional Center of Innovation & Commercialization, El Paso, TX

"Besides using professionals who understand their job, I've always been drawn toward those who are easy to work with and do what they say they'll do, when they say they'll do it. Cindy fits that description completely. She is a real pleasure to work with. As a training company, we have been thrilled with the exposure Cindy has achieved for us in major trade publications like CLO (Chief Learning Officer) magazine."
—Lonnie Harmon, Co-founder, Intulogy LLC, Henderson, NV

"Cindy has garnered my company numerous press articles and we feel as though she has become a valued member of our team at BarZ. I highly recommend her services for any individual or company that is looking for a true PR professional to get them consistent results."
— Sunny Lozano, Marketing Director, BarZ Adventures, Austin TX

"In working with me on public relations, Cindy has demonstrated substantial PR experience, and excellent writing skills, message development, and media relations. Cindy is an extremely high achiever who works diligently to please her clients!"
—Carolyn Smith, Public Relations Society of America, Austin TX

"Cindy is a multi-talented, multi-versed strategic thinker who consistently brings value to her clients and is quick to demonstrate true business value in everything she does."
— Jacob Holder, Principal Consultant, Change Public Relations, Austin TX

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